Monday, February 19, 2007

SmART Fundraiser

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With the "Do Something SmART Fundraiser" being held at the 5 Spot in L5P on March 11th, the Philosophy Student Association (PSA) of Kennesaw State University continues to deliver the best in intelligent discussion, creative expression, and enhancement of the life of the mind. This is a group always on the cutting-edge of cultural events: from their biker-gang-inspired tattoos, their graffiti banners, to their Politboro bumper stickers demanding you "Support the Party," the PSA has been guerilla-marketing long before Boston was besieged by litebrites and ten times as dangerous.

The SmART Fundraiser, like their wildly-successful Minding Art bash, brings together some of the best music and artists of Atlanta in order to fund their 5th Annual North Georgia Student Philosophy Conference (NGSPC) being held this April. In addition to organizing and hosting this international two-day event, the PSA also presents their award-winning Mike Ryan Lecture Series (bringing the best minds from around the globe to the Atlanta community), an online journal (OtherWise), a monthly newsletter (Sophia), and PSA Rocks!! a benefit concert showcasing some of Atlanta's best music each semester; they also publish a selected proceedings of each NGSPC, as well as providing the truly rare and innovative Osoinach Student Lecture Series.

The students of the Philosophy Student Association do all of this without a formal major – a true labor of love from this eclectic group and a testament to their ambitious and creative spirits. So come out to the 5 Spot on March 11th and remember, Think Hard – Drink Hard.

Doors Open at 3PM
$5 COVER / $2 PBR Tallboys (while supplies last)

the glorious Dr. Cockroach will be playing for us in between band sets AND debuting never-before-seen films! ( )

4 PM - Maranda
5 PM - Threat Level Red
6 PM - Sam McPherson Trio
7 PM - SILENT ART AUCTION & RAFFLE while Missy Limina DJs
8 PM - Cinetrope
9 PM - The Lord Is My Shotgun
10 PM - Nick Niespodziani of Y O U

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