Monday, February 28, 2011

Interview with Marina Abramović at BURNAWAY

I had the singular pleasure of sitting down with Marina Abramović at SCAD-Atlanta's Digital Media Center last week and with the kind assistance of some friends we asked her some questions.

You can read our conversation at BURNAWAY.

Many thanks to Jeremy Abernathy and Jennifer Jones for providing the logistical support to make this possible.

Far out!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Issue of continent. Is Available

The editors of continent. are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of their new journal.

The contents include a dab o' speculative realism from Ben Woodard (of Speculative Heresy and Naught Thought), a photo essay by Rainer Ganahl, a short story by the inimitable Gary Lutz, and more!

We are profoundly thankful for the support of our Board of Advisors and to the Culture Lab at Newcastle University.

We're very excited to do this work and we hope that you enjoy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Post at the International Schopenhauer Association

Some might laugh that I have Google Alerts set-up for variations of my name. But you know what? It's really useful. With these alerts I learn about how people can see me and how they might form opinions about me.

Today I was greeted with an alert that said my name was listed on the website of the Internationale Schopenhauer-Vereinigung – Forum für offenes Philosophieren e.V. (the International Schopenhauer Association, based in Hamburg, Germany). Which was odd at first, but then I remembered that the Director of the European Graduate School, Wolfgang Schirmacher, is the President of this Association. And, of course, I took Herr Doktor President Professor Schirmacher's seminar on Schopenhauer, titled "Living Disaster" if I recall,  this previous summer while in Saas-Fee.

While in the seminar--which was quite good--we had to write several quick response papers to Schirmacher's questions and in response to selected readings from his translations. If you follow this link, you can read one of the responses I wrote for that class.

The writing is a bit short on quotes from Schopenhauer, but it's full of enthusiasm.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

new post at BURNAWAY

Jiha Moon has curated a group print show at Get This! Gallery on view now through early March. At BURNAWAY I've shared my conversation with Moon about the need for painters to share their vision through celebrating the successes of their peers. Moon calls for a revaluation of works on paper, which are often denigrated as simply vehicles for making money, but not collectible in the ways that paintings are.