Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Love In All Its Forms

This is a blog to everyone, a send-off after my birthday month. Thanks to all of you that were able to share your presence and time with me during September.

There was a lot of love this month, sometimes the loving was very funny (as some of us who watched the sorta-documentary "Zoo." Sometimes it was a tangy kiss on the mouth (DocBot), sometimes it meant doing an extra set of sit-ups; sometimes love was slathered in the barbecue sauce we call "loss" when we read about Alex the African Grey. I've taken a real shine to Greg Giraldo's bit about finding true love.

To paraphrase: don't worry too much about meeting the right person. Hell, Sigfried - the gay lion tamer - met another gay lion tamer! What a beautiful story that is! Hold out, honey, you'll meet Mr. Right. A gay lion tamer met another gay lion tamer!

And then there's this May-December love story. A 6 month old hippopotamus becomes bestest buddies with a 130 year old tortoise:

While I'm speaking of things I love, may I be so brash as to avidly, fanatically, insist that you get yourself a copy of the Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow's new album, "House of Apples and Eyeballs." Jeffrey Butzer and the Midwives (perhaps including I few folks you know from these pages here) will be playing October 11 at Lenny's or the Drunken Unicorn with the Octopus Project.