Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now That Obama's President, What Next?

Here are some responses in the media to Obama's first day in office.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Obama will likely be appointing Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, they state Emanuel would be the "bad cop" to Obama's "good cop." The WSJ article makes it sound as though Obama's cabinet will be filled by a crowd of mutual fund overseers and associates from Harvard Law School.

The New York Times today offers more options that Obama might persue. Some interesting speculation about who might take the leadership of the State Department, and also stresses, at the end of the article, that Obama is not trying to undermine Bush. Hmm...

More expansively, the overseas press discusses what the Obama presidency might mean for the world community. The Guardian, towards the end, points out the need to reform the WTO and IMF and asks an interesting question:
"...the IMF has an image problem as a creature of the US. The voting structure gives the US, which has a 17% share, a veto over decisions that require an 85% super-majority. Meanwhile, even large emerging economies such as China and India have small shares of 3.5% and 2% respectively."
I'm very much interested to know where this presidency is going to go with China.

The Mainichi Daily News reports some of the concerns of those running Japan now that Obama is President-elect, again, stressing the concerns about how the region is going to respond to North Korea and China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that they will proactively state to the U.S. "what they want and what it can do."

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