Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Announcing: Class Notes from European Graduate School, 1st Year, 2nd Group, August, 2009

Over the next several days I will be posting the class notes from my coursework at the European Graduate School (Europäische Universität für Interdisziplinäre Studien). I am completing coursework toward an MA in Communications at EGS. This summer I took classes with Michael Hardt, the Brothers Quay, Judith Butler, Larry Rickels, Jacques Rancière, and Mike Shapiro. I will be posting my notes from these classes and I will also be posting my notes from the evening lectures that were given by: Michael Hardt, Elia Suleiman, Bruce Barber, The Quay Brothers, Avital Ronell, Martin Hielscher, Chris Fynsk, Greg Ulmer, Judith Butler, Giorgio Agamben, Phillipe Beck (introduced by Judith Balso), Alain Badiou, Slavoj Zizek, Jacques Rancière, and Tom Zummer.

These were an intense three weeks and the experience far exceeded any expectations I had. I cannot recommend the opportunity enough!

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