Monday, August 18, 2008

New PSA Site

So, here's a place that I hope will act as a great tool for those of you that have been a part of the PSA so far (and for those to come).

It's an archive to show the unintiated what the PSA is all about:

It's in need of more information because I have only, what, three flyers out of the 90 that we made... I've only got, like, two of the PSA stickers posted. We did lots of cool stuff and the world needs to have rapid access to that when they meet us - they need to know with whom they are dealing.

I'd like to also post the CVs of alumni (for future job hunts, newspapers looking for background on "the early genius of ________" so I need you, mis cumpaneros, to give me your photos. If you have hardcopies of any of the Sophias or stickers, whathaveyou, take a digital picture of it (a nicely lit, big one) and email it to me. If you have digital copies of any of it, please email it to me.

And tell me what I got wrong on there and what you'd like to see on there.

Rots of rove

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