Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Readings for 17 December, 2008

The Third Stage of University Education - New York Times: I've said it before and I believe it is true that the nonprofit sector will surprise many as their future preferred employers. I'm also really excite that Obama-Biden want to grow Americorps and Peace Corps - two programs that really get the most bang for the buck. Combine these federally-subsidized service mini-careers with massive public works and the U.S. economy and civil society look promising. Enter Harvard's strategy to create a bridge between retiring executives and the impending leadership vacuum in the nonprofit sector.

I Think I'm Turning Japanese
- NewYork Times: I'm moving back to the U.S. in February and I couldn't choose a better time to start buying dollars - 1USD ~ 90JPY, when I arrived last year 1USD~120JPY. So I've basically made an extra 30% recently. Anyhow.... I return to an American economy that is in tatters and about to really start getting Mad Max-y by the summer of 2009; maybe September. The Fed has dropped interest rates to about 0% which is about what I'm getting here with my savings account in Japan. At least that won't feel too weird.

I'm Sure Walt Whitman Wrote About This - Wired: Or maybe it was Emerson? Although I'm not at all a transcendentalist I sure do like those American Transcendentalists (Yes I'm thinking of Song of Myself). The Earth and the Sun seem to be breathing together. I know, I know: it's kinda flaky-sounding to say "We're all part star" but it's a science fact. We interare.

The Rhythm Is Gonna Getcha - Wired: Oh Gloria Estefan! Here's a great example of using your head and not your gun to do the work necessary to draw a bright line in the minds of your community. The insurgency is being fuelled by fundamentalists? Take a page from the book of Kevin Bacon and encourage the local kids to dance it out. Music holds a special place in my heart.


  1. I like how, in quantum physics, you can reach a point (assuming you've broken down the subject to as small as it can possibly get) where there is no difference between the observer and that which is being observed.

  2. I don't know why, but I was driving in to work this morning and recalled the memory of us leaving the Denny's way out on W. Broad and there was somebody who had left the window of their car slightly cracked, enough that one could easily, if they so desired, take a leak right onto the cloth upholstered seat. Man, I would've hated for such a hilariously hypothetical situation to unfold itself, rather, outpour itself into my personal mode of transport. Free refills on coffee + bad timing = lasting memories/lingering urine smell.