Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Couple of Thoughts

Okay, so, I am editing my really long blog that I wrote last night and will update the Kudzukongzi website (I know, I know, what a waste of time THAT blog is).
Note: this was originally posted on my myspace blog
But, I overheard two really stupid things today and I hear them said all the time:

1) Nice guys fish last (this was then followed by a woman saying that nice girls finish last too). All I know about people that feel they've finished last is that they've given up and have no clear plan nor a contingency plan (since you need an initial plan in order to have a contingency). You're not winning any charm- or f**kable-points by telling everyone in earshot that you feel like a loser. That's not charming, Billy Corgan, so stop it.

2) What do you mean I should drink water instead of soda?
She wanted a soda because she felt tired. I told her that drinking the soda would actually make her more tired and sap her energy from her. "wha?"

Here's how:
Your body gets energy from the stuff you eat by a little chemistry program called the Krebs Cycle.
This occurs in your cells and is the reason why we breathe in air, too. We breathe in air and exhale carbon dioxide because our mitchondria require water in order to free electrons from glucose. We get glucose from the food we eat.

When the glucose enters our cells there are enzymes there that take away key chemicals and leave carbon dioxide in its wake (this is glycolysis).

The Krebs cycle (also known as the citric acid cycle) is the process by which the energy that bonds the chemicals together in what's left of glucose after glycolysis is freed by the mitochondria. When you break a chemical bond, a lot of energy is released (just like in an A Bomb), electrons are produced in another enzymatic process and once this process is finished the electrons, now spent, combine with oxygen to produce water.

The carbon dioxide and this water that have been produced exit the body through exhaling. The oxygen that those spent electrons bonded with? They came from inhaling. That's why you can see your breath in the winter, too. Now, why should you drink water instead of soda? Water is the medium necessary for those chemicals involved in the above process to occur. You will lose water when breathing, meaning you need to replace water in the system that is your chemistry factory body. Consuming more sugar (a complex form of glucose) from soda means you will need more water in order to process all that energy you just ingested.

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