Friday, October 24, 2008

Readings for October 24, 2008

Here are two interesting articles from Wired's Threat Level:
This led me to another interesting virtual-life-gone-wrong story:
Totally unrelated, here are two stories from the Japan Times:
  • Japan's Getting Old - Japan's population over 65 has tripled since 1986
  • Japan Gov't Chose To Make Secret Deal with U.S. - In the wake of WWII, under occupation by the Americans, the Japanese government decided it would be best to not inform its citizens that they wouldn't be pursuing crimes committed by GIs unless they were big crimes...
This one, though. Boy. I know that I should get better at discussing the shortcomings of arguments put forward by others. I shouldn't just rant and rave. I do, and I apologize for my screeds. Apparently you can have the Nobel Prize in Economics and be a real jerk, as is the case with Edward Prescott.

After having read that email exchange I became super-anxious and started checking this blog for the many typos that I (unintentionally) leave. Please let me know if you find any.

Well, we're running a race at Kumejima this weekend, wish us luck. We're not going for speed, really; we just like having an exercise regimen. On the 8th we're running a half-marathon in Nanjo, we're told it's the premier event of the Ryukyus....we'll be at the back of the race if you're looking for us.

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