Thursday, October 9, 2008

Readings for October 9, 2008

Japan's economy cannot function without its exports to the United States. If the U.S. experiences a recession, Americans will buy less of everything, especially big ticket items like Japanese cars. So, Japan is very keen to do all it can to ensure that Americans are able to buy things like Hondas from them so that their own economy won't implode. But it's a sticky wicket right now because both the U.S. and the Japanese are holding elections for their executive positions right now. The JT is predicting that one dollar will equal between 90 and 95 yen soon. That's exciting for me because I will be able to buy dollars very cheaply and I have student loans in payable in U.S. dollars. Hooray!Japan has a serious demographic shift under way, seemingly everyone's going to be over 80 years old in the next 10 years. The rest of us will be working two jobs: one at Makudonarudo and at the senior day care center with oji- and oba-chan. We're gonna sooooo tired from pushing those patties and wheel chairs around... But wait! Tsukuba presents HAL, the "hybrid assitive limb" so that the elderly as well as disabled will be able to walk around, lift things, and other miracles. I am excited to see how this interfaces and I do recognize what a boon to humanity this will be. However, they will definitely have to get a different name for this technology in the U.S. "I'm sorry, Dave..."Matt Armstrong's blog is awesome. Period. One day I will be able to keep a real blog where I will post profressional blogs on timely subjects that deal directly with my field of expertise. When that day happens I will have a blog more like Matt's and less like this one.

Anways, the above link discusses one of the implications of having the majority of America's Public Diplomacy mission being conducted by the Pentagon: the very real possibility that domestic propaganda programs are deployed. The link discusses FCC hearings being conducted to form a policy of full disclosure when analysts are used in the popular media. Matt's bang-on that the American fourth-estate is pitiful.

I was just reading on some site like the Washington Post and the journalist introduced how disturbing it was that younger people looked to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report as reliable news sources. HELLO!!! They, at least, tell us that they're sorta lying about what they report is "really happening."

Back to Matt's post:
What this points out is that America is losing a very real war. As Matt's pointed out before, there's some guy in a cave and, like, $20 worth of broadcasting equipment and he's generating much more energy and enthusiasm from that than the United States. The United States, if it wants to win any war in the future, is going to have to be successful at first winning this war of words and images.

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  1. The change that your robot suit is saying "I'm sorry Dave" are rather small. The chance that your robot suit says "" is much bigger. How is an old person going to cope with that?

    Btw, in the states they have their own robot suit. Bigger, faster, more dangerous! (