Thursday, October 23, 2008

Republican Elitists

Point of order:

O'Reilly states in the New York Times that no one would blink an eye at a candidate that bought suits, which can run into thousands of dollars. I thought I was fancy when I bought two suits for less than $600, I'm such an elitist snob.

Would Mr. O'Reilly politely show me how in the world the party of Joe the Plumbers can claim to also require a wardrobe that costs over $150,000?!

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, Mr. O'Reilly seems physically incapable of even blinking politely. If you're looking for something to presented glibly, sardonically or belligerently, he's your man.

    Further, the issue isn't the multitude of zeros on that price tag, it's the hypocrisy of someone who sells themselves as a populist, an everyman, blue-collar worker while benefiting from and advancinging the desideratum of the ownership class. It's disingenuous.