Sunday, September 21, 2008

Creating Immunity for Domestic Spying

I know that if I email one of you back in the US that my email will be intercepted and read by the U.S. government. Why? Because of what's called the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP). Anytime someone from overseas communicates with someone in the U.S. the Fed has a program for intercepting and reading said communications.

Now the Attorney General, Mukasey, has announced that the telecommunications companies (AT&T, Comcast, and so on) will be immune from prosecution for this secret spying. Senator Obama, that change you obey (I mean, believe in), and the rest of our terrible Congress, voted for passage this July of the new bill that makes this domestic spying program totally legal. Read more here.

I wanted to make more substantial some of what I said in my last post about how failed America has become. I know, each generation says their government fails them, but, seriously, our government is torturing innocent people (sometimes even children from Canada), because our government has been on this deregulation kick we are entering world wide economic meltdown (not my words, but the words of our government), because of our precedent for "Pre-emptive Strikes" the world order is even more fragile than it was 50 years ago (this is from a former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General who resigned to expose the genocidal policies in Iraq).

What are you going to do to make this world better?

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