Friday, September 19, 2008

Why Wall Street Is Melting Down

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This is a truly historic moment in the history of the United States, we usually think "business will go on as usual" but that clearly can't be the case anymore.

The argument from the American Conservative Reich (and I include Clinton in this since he was, "more Reagan than Reagan," to quote Matt Benard) has been to get smaller government and by that they meant less social services and less regulation in the economy. The swindle has been sold along these lines, "the gubment should git out of providing these services, American people know what they want, not the gubmint. If we git the gubmint outta these services then honest 'Mericans will start their own service providing cumpnies."

Well, today we see what I've always said: that those small-government/libertarian/neocons (McCain-Palin are just, simply, lying, to you all) have never had the sac big enough to back up that talk. We're nationalizing Wall Street, folks. Why? Because we ought to. That same ought that conservatives are so resistant to (remember that D Magazine article I shared yesterday?), has won the day. Let's face it, the conservative worldview that we've been force fed and withered under for nearly 30 years now has been one of deep distrust (this is from the Secretary of Labor) and ugly, naked greed. And now that the whole thing's spinning outta control, those that are supposed to be public servants are reaching down deep, like the Grinch in the cartoon, and trying to find a way to minimize the bloodbath.

Slavoj Zizek said in an interview last month that Communism was going to win. Fess-up, comrades.

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