Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Isn’t Someone in This Election Yelling?

Seriously: the election strategy of McCain-Palin has been one out-right lie on top of another in a b.s.-Dagwood-sandwich.

Why isn't this being pointed out?

It has, seriously, become a situation where if a commenter in the media points-out the facts, that commenter has a partisan (read: Liberal) bias. Look at how Paul Krugman got shrugged-off on Larry King the other night:

"KING: Paul Krugman, do you agree with Andy Serwer that neither one of these candidates are hitting the mark?

KRUGMAN: You know, there's a little -- that's a little bit of false symmetry there. I mean, Obama has been calling for increased financial regulation. He has some pretty decent-sounding proposals there. I have no idea what McCain's talking about. He's saying we're going to stop the executives from getting outsized bonuses. How are we going to do that?

SERWER: It sounds kind of partisan frankly, I mean right?"

Nothing partisan about what he said, it just so happens that McCain's economic adviser, Phil Gramm, is one of the primary midwives of this economic meltdown.

But here's more for you to chew on when thinking of McCain's trail of tears and lies:

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